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Brilliant chair.

Got nothing bad to say about it.


This Product is Perfect , i m glad that i bought that chair , it was easy to install and its 100% quality

Too good

I needed a high chair (to rest head) that could be adjusted in every way. The Titan fit the bill and had good reviews to boot. I ordered one and damn... it's good - TOO good sometimes. Sometimes when I want to relax a little bit I adjust the chair so it's slightly reclined and I put my feet up. I'm not even that tired and I fall asleep for hours and feel fine when I wake up. Rested and not aching anywhere. Dangerous!

Other than that, yeah, it feels great, I can sit in it for hours. I'm 184cm, 85 kg.

Thanks Secretlab :D

Excellent ergonomic chair

Bought the chair for office use . The chair is robust ,durable and feels great sitting on it.
The assembly was easy .
More expensive and cheaper chairs are available however i think that this is the perfect one for the specific amount of money .
Nothing to complain till now as i have it for about 3 months. From the first week i have to say that the back pain disappeared as the body posture improved.
Highly recommended !!

Secretlab's Beast The Titan

Wow..well..erm..Lost for word's..What can i say.
Hold on let me pick my jaw up off the floor and put my eyes back in their socket's.
This chair is amazing.
Owned it for a few week's now and here is some info.
Yes when you first sit in this it's like everyone say's..Rock Hard, but for some reason its Mega comfy and i only weigh 9st and i am 5ft 9inch tall and fit perfect in the Titan.
I even have my daughter sat on my lap watching video's and still got loads of room and comfy.
i can sit in this chair for 18 hrs and still sit for longer.
have not tried sleeping in the chair, wife would go mad so ill leave that one for someone else to talk about.
Everything about the chair is perfect..maybe the castors could be better like roller blade one's but these are ok and have had no tugs or jolts from the wheels when moving the chair about.
I had some problems when the chair turned up, but after easily taking video's and uploading them to google drive secretlabs were quick to respond and send out the parts fast.
Thank you for my chair..10/10..Perfect.