Aftercare guide

Your Secretlab product is designed to deliver years of superior performance, especially when cared for properly.

1. General Care

Cleaning and maintaining your Secretlab chair is quick and easy. If you take good care of it, your chair will continue to look great while keeping you comfortable for many years to come

Follow the usage instructions

Follow the usage instructions
Improper use can damage your chair, or worse, cause injuries. Always use your chair safely.

Minimise exposure to perspiration

Minimise exposure to perspiration
Perspiration is acidic and constant exposure can degrade the leather's top coating. Remove perspiration and dirt by regularly wiping down your chair with a slightly damp cloth.

Avoid direct contact with bare skin

Avoid direct contact with bare skin
The buildup of body oil and friction from direct contact with your skin affects the pH value of the leather and can degrade its protective coating over time. Avoid constant contact with bare skin, especially in warm, humid environments.

Keep away from liquids

Keep away from liquids
Any form of moisture is detrimental to the leatherette. Immediately clean up any spills and only sit on your Secretlab chair after you have complelely dried off from your shower.

Don't abuse it

Don't abuse it
Even the toughest of chairs won't be able to stand up to rough usage, so keep your chair away from impacts, drops, and sharp objects.

Keep away from direct heat

Keep away from direct heat
Exposure to high heat, such as from a hairdryer, can compromise the leather's top coating, affecting its durability, shine or color. Keep your chair in a cool and dry place.

Keep pets away

Keep pets away
Claws and teeth can damage leatherette and other soft parts of your chair, so do take extra care around your pets.

Avoid wearing dark coloured clothing on light coloured chair

Avoid wearing dark coloured clothing on light coloured chair
Light-colored upholsteries look great when brand new, but more care and maintenance is needed to keep them looking clean. To minimize staining your chair upholstery, avoid wearing dark-colored clothing and denim jeans while using your chair, and clean your chair more frequently with an upholstery cleaner.

1a. Usage & Safety Instructions

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Sit in the center of the chair, with your back to the backrest.

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Do not sit at the front edge of the chair.

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Do not stand on the chair.

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Do not use the chair with more than one person.

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Do not push the chair around when a person is sitting in it.

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Do not push down on the backrest when a person is reclined.

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Do not place all your weight on the backrest only.

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Do not place your hand or fingers near the recline mechanics.

2. Upholstery Care

While a damp cloth will suffice to clean your Secretlab chair in most cases, we recommend using our specially formulated upholstery cleaners and wipes for the most thorough removal of dirt and stains.

2a. Leather

Secretlab NEO™ Hybrid Leatherette and PRIME™ 2.0 Leatherette are resistant to stains and easy to clean. For dirt and stains, simply wipe the leatherette clean using a cloth slightly dampened with water. Leave the chair to air dry completely after cleaning. Vacuum to remove loose particles or dirt. To avoid scratching the leatherette, exercise care when vacuuming and use a soft brush attachment.

For more effective cleaning, use a leather cleaning product such as our Secretlab Premium Leather Cleaner. Spray a small amount onto a clean microfiber cloth and gently wipe the leatherette upholstery.

For quick, regular maintenance, we recommend our Secretlab Leather Wipes. Wipe down your chair and allow it to fully air dry before using.

As Secretlab NAPA is genuine animal hide, it requires extra care as real leather is not water-resistant due to the pores found on its surface. Immediately clean up any spills. Use a dry, absorbent cloth or paper towel to soak up any liquid, and gently wipe down with a microfiber cloth slightly dampened with water.

Secretlab Premium Leather Cleaner Secretlab Leather Wipes

2b. Fabric

Vacuum fabric to remove loose particles or dirt. Spills should be immediately soaked up with a dry absorbent cloth or paper towel. DO NOT rub the stain into the fabric or use hot water as this may set the stain.

A fabric cleaner, such as our Secretlab Premium Fabric Cleaner, may be used to clean stubborn spots. Spray an adequate amount onto a clean microfiber cloth and wipe in a circular motion across a large area before leaving it to air dry.

For quick, regular maintenance, we recommend our Secretlab SoftWeave® Fabric Wipes. Wipe down your chair and allow it to fully air dry before using.

Secretlab Premium Fabric Cleaner Secretlab SoftWeave­® Fabric Wipes

i. Secretlab SKINS - Safe Wash Instructions

Safe Wash Disclaimer Icons
  • Machine wash cold, gentle or delicate
  • Wash inside out
  • Close zippers before washing
  • Tumble dry low
  • Iron low heat
  • Do not iron on decoration
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not bleach

* Always remove Secretlab SKINS from your TITAN Evo chair before washing.
** We do not recommend using the Secretlab Premium SoftWeave® Plus Deep Cleaning Fabric Foam Cleaner to remove most dirt and stains from Secretlab SKINS.

2c. Microsuede

Certain Secretlab chair variants feature microsuede accents. Unlike Secretlab NEO™ Hybrid Leatherette or PRIME™ 2.0 Leatherette, microsuede is not water-resistant, so keep it away from water.

To remove loose particles and dirt, use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe against the grain of the microsuede. Any spills should be promptly soaked up with a dry, absorbent cloth or paper towel.

3. Mechanical Components

3a. 4D Armrests with CloudSwap™ Technology

Prolonged exposure to perspiration and body oils may increase the speed of wear of your armrest tops over time. To keep them clean and prevent the build-up of perspiration and body oils, wipe your armrest covers down regularly with an upholstery cleaner or a damp cloth and allow them to air-dry.

Ensure your armrests are not wedged under the desk when you push your chair in and avoid setting the armrests at a height that will cause the armrest tops to come into contact with the bottom of your desk when you tilt your seat.

3b. Hydraulic Piston

Secretlab chairs are equipped with Class IV hydraulic pistons and are tested and certified for durability and reliability. However, the lubricant within the hydraulic piston may settle at the bottom of the piston over time and will require a simple lubricant redistribution to ensure constant smooth performance. To do so, please follow the steps below:

  1. Using the right tilt lever (while seated), raise the height of the chair to its highest position and back down to its lowest position while seated
  2. Repeat the above step for a minimum of 10 times
  3. While seated, adjust the chair's height to its lowest position and slowly rotate the chair clockwise for 5 full turns
  4. While still remaining seated with the chair at its lowest height, slowly rotate the chair anti-clockwise for 5 full turns

3c. Other Components

Components such as the armrests and multi-tilt mechanism should not require regular maintenance, as long as they are used as intended. Should you encounter any issues with these parts, please reach out to us for help. If your chair is still within its warranty period, do contact us to see if the issue is covered under your warranty.

4. Warranty Claim & Support

In the event that something goes wrong with your chair, please take photos or a short video of the issue, and contact us via our Support Form.

To find out what our warranty covers, check out our Warranty page.