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Reviews & Testimonials

Read all about what the media and fans of Secretlab Chairs have to say about us!

Press Reviews

OMEGA Series

"I've spent a week seated in the Omega, and compared to my office chair's poor back support, the Omega has been great in keeping my lower back pains away, even after hours of being seated while working on my reviews."

- c|net

"Secretlab has the best gaming chair on the market with its new OMEGA 2018, with unbelievable comfort and style. The new memory foam lumbar pillow is a GAME CHANGER, it truly is the cherry on top of the OMEGA gaming chair."

- TweakTown, 94/100 (EDITOR'S CHOICE AWARD)

"One of the biggest marks of quality in a gaming chair (any chair, really) is how well it is upholstered. Far too often, gaming chairs use thin upholstery that forms unsightly ripples and wrinkles. The Omega 2018 features a 1.5mm layer of Secretlab’s PRIME PU leather and the quality is apparent. That thickness is apparent to the touch and immediately lends a sense of quality."


"There is a greater degree of control on the new chair which gives you more angle options, which lets you tweak even the minute levels of comfort."

- The Straits Times

"The Omega 2018 is without doubt the most comfortable gaming chair I have had the privilege to use, among the countless ones used at home in front of a PC or at gaming events."

- JustPushStart

"It’s an outright criminal price for the premium materials and engineering that you get out of the box. Secretlab shows surprising refinement and maturity in the Omega, especially for a relatively young company in the industry."

- Inc. Southeast Asia

"The soft, cushy feel of propping your posterior is still there, but the chair is now seemingly gripping back, with better support and cushioning. Instead of sinking comfortably into the seat, think of it as having your butt gradually submerging into the chair. After about six weeks with the chair, the new Omega is now my go-to chair at home. "

- Geek Culture, 9.5/10

"Before using this chair I was content to use whatever was closest to my desk at the time, but after experiencing proper support and class leading design I will never be going back to any old chair. All in all an amazing chair and I would highly recommend picking one up."

- Nova 96.9, 9/10

"The Omega Stealth is incredibly comfortable....particularly when the lumbar velour pillow was wedged into the point where the seat meets the back support. Overall, I’m more satisfied with the Omega Stealth than I expected. Even the armrests, which have a cheap appearance in contrast with the rest of the chair, are surprisingly comfortable."

- Kotaku Australia

"To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to be as impressed by the Omega Stealth as I was, knowing I’d be comparing it to my go-to Aeron chair (which was more than double the price of the Omega Stealth). As someone who’s become accustomed to softer chairs, the firmer support of the Omega Stealth took a few minutes to get used to, but I appreciated the improvements to my posture and the comfort after extended use."


"You can get all the features of a more expensive chair without having to break the piggy bank, and it also somewhat matches the price of the cheapest DX Racer chair here (S$469) in Singapore. If you're thinking of a new seat for long sessions of gaming, look no further."


"This is literally the most comfortable chair we've ever used... as far as local pricing goes, Secretlab has always successfully undercut its rivals. But what’s changed this time around is that the Omega is both cheaper and better. Yes, you heard that right."

- HardwareZone, 9/10

" Sitting in the Omega Stealth has done wonders for my back and makes it easier to sit in front of a computer all day. It provides excellent lower back support which is great in preventing me from hunching over a keyboard. The only problem is fighting off sleep in the office while comfortably encased in the Omega."


"While the the Omega isn’t going to up your game directly, it is an ideal investment in comfort for those who spend long hours sitting in front of a computer screen...the Omega puts other gaming chairs on the market to shame with it’s competitive price point and feature set. If you’re in the market for a chair right now, gaming or not, the Secretlab Omega should definitely be at the top of your list."

- Geek Culture, 9/10

"...if 70% of your life is spent at a computer, like most gamers, then the Omega is a really good investment to have your butt docked in comfortably."


"The Secretlab Omega Is The First And Last Chair You'll Ever Need"

- Luxury Insider

TITAN Series

"It’s easy to put together and wonderfully built to handle all sorts of gamers, even heavy set ones, and its design is sleek and well put together. There are minor squabbles with the armrests and the design, but for the most part, this is one of the best game chairs you can snag right now."

- COMICBOOK, 4.5/5

"The Secretlab Titan was specifically designed for taller and larger gamers, and was created to provide an excellent seating experience for anyone up to 195cm in height and up to 130kg in weight, and has a lot of adjustment options for gamers to get the most ergonomic fit to your body contours, which makes a lot of sense as gamers tend to spend hours at a time sitting in their chair."

- vrzone

"For the past month or so, I’ve logged many hours in the TITAN as my primary chair, and I won't be switching back to the $1,000+ office-issued chair I was previously using — the TITAN’s ergonomic back and head support along with the perfectly positioned neck pillow showed me what I’ve been missing out on all of these years."

- slickdeals

"I was nervous the TITAN’s polyurethane leather, foam, and harder arm rests would be too firm a difference I wouldn’t enjoy it. Those fears were ultimately unwarranted. I can’t imagine going back to any other chair but this one."

- Gameranx, 5/5 (EDITOR'S CHOICE)

"The Titan showed me the way, and it did so with a lovely blend of solidity and style. Now that my eyes have been opened to the sitting joy of larger-sized gaming chairs I've got my eye out for similar products, but I'll always remember my first. The SecretLab Titan is fine place to spend hours on your copious end."

- Kotaku

"I’m not used to such comfort. I could happily spend an absurd amount of time in this beauty and I even look forward to it. Is that weird? Writing this and many other reviews, playing some PS4 via Remote Play, and some procrastination until the wee hours and it still feels just as comfortable as when I first sat down."

- PSNation, 9/10

"The Secretlab Titan is a fantastic gaming chair, offering exceptional build and finish quality, and is so comfortable you might not want to get back out of it. "

- TheSixthAxis

"The Titan Stealth has been an absolutely stunning addition to my life. And yes, I understand that it is ‘just a chair’."

- TheXboxHub

"The TITAN by SecretLab is a great gaming chair for any gamer really but the additional care to make it stronger is ideal for broader, bigger gamers looking for comfortable but stable support."

- VideoGameUncovered, 9/10

"There are raised edges on the backrest and seat, but they are minimal and won't get in the way, which makes adopting any sitting position you would want an option. Due to this chair's adjustable lumbar support, the natural curvature of the spine is maintained and supported without it putting any unnecessary pressure on the back."


"The stitching is near impeccable, the durable components could withstand a hurricane, and the colors of the synthetic leather upholstery are vibrant. This chair weighs a grand total of 77 pounds, that’s about 20-25 pounds more than any chair I’ve reviewed so far. SecretLab went all in with he thick (70cm diameter) aluminum base and tubular steel frame. "

- HighGroundGaming, 8.5/10

"Secretlab has built one of the most comfortable gaming chairs I've ever had the pleasure of sitting on. TITAN is now my go-to gaming chair and will be throughout the holidays...The adjustable lumbar support is a big win for TITAN, but the overall quality and workmanship that Secretlab has put into the chair has blown me away."

- Tweaktown, 97/100 (EDITOR'S CHOICE AWARD)

"I thought it couldn’t get any better than my fabric chair. I had it in my mind that the high claims about gaming or expensive office chairs were exaggerated, despite how frequently said chairs appear in the videos of streamers. I’m happy to have been mistaken. The Secretlab TITAN is the best I’ve sat in. Soft, resilient, customizable, and absolutely wonderful for my back, it’s easily replacing what came before it."

- Gameranx, 5/5 (EDITOR'S CHOICE)

"The Titan showed me the way, and it did so with a lovely blend of solidity and style. Now that my eyes have been opened to the sitting joy of larger-sized gaming chairs I’ve got my eye out for similar products, but I’ll always remember my first. The SecretLab Titan is fine place to spend hours on your copious end."

- Kotaku

"The rear support is also physically larger, and also stiffer to the touch. While this might mean less comfort, the backrest, when fully reclined, provides a greater mould of the body, similar to that wrap around feeling you get when resting your head on memory foam. There is an almost full recline to this chair, and the broader support for your body makes this a more comfortable chair to take a snooze in."

- Geek Culture, 9.1/10

"Overall I am extremely satisfied with the TITAN...The chair is extremely comfortable during and after long hours of use. If you’re used to plush chairs you may have reservations when first sitting on this, as I could only describe it as quite a firm chair. But once you’ve taken the time to sit in it for a short period you realise that firm isn’t the best definition, but comfort through support is what you’re feeling."

- Hextech Mods / The Modders Collective

"Secretlab has done a wonderful job in creating one of the most comfortable gaming chairs in the market. It’s guaranteed that the Titan will end up being anyone’s go-to gaming chair especially when it involves long hours of gaming."

- The Streaming Blog, 4.4/5

"Those with a smaller frame like me will still find the Titan relatively comfortable. It felt as though I was sinking into the comforting depths of a giant hand, but perhaps too comfortable to be conducive for doing work in the office. Those taller and bulkier than I am will find the chair generous and accommodating to their frame, compared with squeezing into standard office chairs."

- The Straits Times, 4/5

"Secretlab's Titan takes everything great about the Omega and applies it to a chair built for larger gamers, and manages to do so without bumping up the price too significantly."

- TechRadar, 4.5/5


"The new Throne has gotten to the point where you won’t feel like you’re missing out on too much despite only going for the so-called entry-level option."

- HardwareZone

"The THRONE and OMEGA 2018 are fantastically comfortable and provide oodles of support in long term usage. Add the fact that it’s even cheaper than before, it makes this a hard bargain to pass up."

- vrzone

"Secretlab really delivers with their line of chairs. My time with both chairs has been fantastic. Neither chair has lost its support or functionality and its just as comfortable as the day these chairs shipped in. You’ll find either choice to be comfortable, loaded with features to make an adjustment that will meet your liking, and of course, there are plenty of design color choices to choose from."

- Gameranx, 5/5 (EDITOR'S CHOICE)

"Before testing out the chairs, I, like many office workers, did not give much consideration to what I was sitting on. I was using a regular wheeled chair that I packed with various cushions to brace myself against, and I would often find myself hunched over because of the lack of support. But after trying out the Secretlab chairs, I began to understand what a big difference a proper sitting posture makes. I found myself feeling less physical tension at work, and I also stopped fidgeting as much."

- The Straits Times, 5/5

NAPA Series

"Secretlab has done it again, making a chair that is the cherry on top of all gaming chairs with the new TITAN NAPA ticking every box and then creating new boxes I didn't think needed to be ticked, and then ticking those too. I don't know how they do it, but the gods of Secretlab must just sit around all day and all night on millions of chairs to pick out every fiber and every material individually."

- TweakTown, 99/100 (EDITOR'S CHOICE AWARD)

"The Secretlab Titan Napa is one of the most luxurious gaming chairs we’ve ever seen, sporting high-end, soft-to-the-touch Napa leather, integrated adjustable lumbar support and an extremely comfortable backrest. "

- Tech Advisor, 4/5

User Reviews

Based on 1418 reviews
The office gamer

Received the chair without any problems and assembling it was an easy task.
First I thought it was a bit to hard but after first day of use I realized this is the way to go. My back has never been better after many hours of sitting.
I use this chair mostly for office use since im not an heavy gamer.

Loving my Chair!

The chair arrived quickly, well packaged, was super easy to put together and is exceedingly comfortable. I'm happy with my purchase and only wish I had bought it sooner! The purple looks even better in person.

Best Gaming Chair ever!

This chair exceeded my expectations! Easy to assemble, comfort beyond measure, and looks amazing!

Now forever customer!

One word, AMAZING! That's my review for the Secret Labs Titan Series chair.
Super comfortable, very high quality, and stunning design! I couldn't have asked for a better computer chair. 5+ hours a day and not one complaint. Couldn't be happier!
Thank you, Secret Labs!


This is my first true gaming chair and I'm completely sold this chair is comfortable and the added care they give their products you can really tell. If this chair ever gets worn out I'll buy another from here.

Great High End look and feel

We recently ordered chairs from every top gaming chair manufacturer as we are trying to decide what chairs to put into our new office building. The Secretlab Titan was the best packaged chair by far, arrived with no issues, no damage or signs of shipping at all. The fit and finish of this chair is superb! All the other chairs had some issue, or a missing part or just something that make it not look like a high end piece of furniture. The Titan was a breeze to assemble and currently looks to be our go to for our new office building. Some of the other product lines we tested include DX Racer, Ewin, Clutch Gaming and others.

Chair and Support perfect !

I received my chair TITAN NAPA very quickly but after disbanding, the seat was marked certainly because of the transport ...
After an email with the support, a new seat was sent to me without delay and only with my only request.
No debate or anything with the pictures provided, everything was taken care of.
I wish to emphasize here the professionalism of the support to the height of the quality of their product!

High Quality product

This chair is a great chair. Everything is high quality, the only complain I might have is it is a little firm when you first get it. This should lead to the chair ladting linger with more support. I had back pain before buying this chair. My back pain is greatly reduced.

Really good chair. Real nice packaging. But a part was missing

I bought the omega chair. Its a really good chair. Super sturdy. When i’ve receive the package, the two lever for the chair adjustment was missing. I’ve sent and email and they sent me two lever. I am not mad about the fact that there was a missing part, but for a 500$ chair its a down. But hey... that thing can happen. The thing that secretlab could have done to be real nice is sent me something for that mistake.(sticker. T shirt... what so ever) i think that for a chair that supposed to be to top chair, They could have give a bit for a 5star review :/

Best chair I ever bought

I thought it comes with the new omega lumbar support pillow. Oh well can't ask for too much I guess. The chair is solid and the quality is superb. But for those wearing jeans that has those pocky materials at the butt area do be careful, I don't think the PU leather can sustain prolonged wearing and tearing from the pointy edges. I am 179cm and 74kg, do choose Titan over Omega if you are around my size. I think its really a bang for the buck buy. Hopefully it can last over 5 years!

Great Chair, Poor Return Policy on defected item

I recently purchased the Omega 2018 chair. The chair itself is very comfortable for the most part. The pillow and lumbar support pillow are excellent additions. Unfortunately my chair came with the arm rest defected. (Armrest wouldn't lock into place.) I contacted customer support and was shipped a replacement not long after I talked to them. Because of the condition I received the chair I was going to return it for a refund. Customer support said I fell into the category for a 30% restock fee and pay for my own shipping (almost half the price of the chair itself.) I think this is highly unfair, especially for receiving a product with a defect. And because of the harsh return policy it gets a 3 star from me. I will not be purchasing any chairs from here in the future and I was considering getting a titan as well. :/

My hubby LOVES IT!

Fantastic gaming chair. Lots of support. Very well made with the use of quality materials. Got it for my hubby's bday. From the horses mouth, "Best chair I've ever owned. Comfortable and hands down reliable for long gaming sessions on the tushie and back. Hahahaa." - I'm happy to recommend this! Thanks :)


The chair is probably the best chair i’ve ever bought! Its not some normal office chair or an expensive executive chair but an awesome gaming chair that has the best ergonomic factors in mind. No more back or shoulder pains. I can game for hours and still feel fine! I highly recommend this to anyone who can afford it, it is certainly worth the price for the benefits you receive.

Awesome chair

Was somewhat wary about getting a expensive chair but it feels worth it after sitting in it for 3 weeks. Gaming and watching my favorite twitch streams has never been better.


While slightly disappointed that my new Titan hasn't got game like Lupo's chair, these beast is a comfy one. Easy to put together and built like a rock. Couldn't recommend it more.

Most comfortable chair

I absolutely love this chair. I could sit for long periods of time streaming without any fatigue issues the lumbar support soft comfortable just like the headrest. I highly recommend this chair to anyone it was looking to stream for long periods at a time

Quality product and a good price

I'm 193cm (6'4") and have had many back and neck issues from sitting behind a PC for work and gaming. I took a chance on the Titan as the specs looked right and I'm extremely happy with this chair. It's perfect for me and even the lumbar is in the right spot. I've tried many chairs in stores for three times the price and none of them are as good as the Titan. I've ended up taking this chair to the office and will get a 2nd one soon for home.
Unboxing was a pleasure and assembly was easy. Build quality, design and strength look great.
My only suggestion is perhaps the arm rests could be a little closer together.. The minimum setting is still a little wide.

Best chair Ever!

Cant believe how good it feel to sit in a top of the line chair! Sat on my Omega 2018 and got the chills! Would buy again 100 times!

great chair

Great chair. Solid build. Glad I finally got something that will last


Excellent quality and comfort. Worth the money.









Great Chair.

The best chair you can get is one you don't think about, and this is it. I never think about adjusting myself in the middle of a gaming session, I don't have back and neck pain anymore, unlike my old chair after ~2 hours I'd start to feel it.

The cushion is very supportive and you don't sink into it.

The only thing I would improve is the wheel's felt a little cheap in terms of quality but you can purchase replacement wheel's if something were to happen.


Secretlab TITAN

No regrets

Disclaimer, I'm filling this review because secret lab offers a $20 discount on accessories for reviews. I have no regrets about buying this chair. It is very good and a quality chair. I marked off one star for a few minor complaints that I think should be improved upon in the future. One is that the front of the chair cuts into the back of my legs a bit. I do have large muscular legs though. I also feel the chair should have come with a lumbar pillow, the lumbar included in the chair is ok, but I do prefer a pillow. And lastly the sides of the back are a bit too pronounced and sometimes are uncomfortable against the back of my arms.

That being said, the chair is still a great chair. Assembly was easy. Chair is comfortable but a bit stiff, hope it will break in over time but it's not uncomfortable.

Best chair I've owned

Good quality and comfortable.

An extremely high quality chair

Such an amazing product. I spend 3-6 hours a day in front of my computer and ever since i have bought the secretlab omega chair my back has loved me for it. Do yourself a favor and buy one now.


Secretlab TITAN

The Review of the Titan

I wanted to wait a bit so I could really test the chair out before leaving a review so after three months of use here it is. My only problems are that the pillow I received is already coming apart, the band on its unraveling. Also despite having the lumbar function I wish that a lumbar pillow was included.
Now other than those two things I am deeply in love with this chair. I stream thirty plus hours a week and can honestly say I will never buy a different brand of chair. Before this chair I had gone through 5 chairs in the span of a year and a half and nothing has come close to the quality and back support this chair provides. Coming from a bigger person the arm rest adjustments go a long way towards my extended comfort. I give this chair 5/5 stars but the accessories are lacking.

Awesome chair

Putting the chair together was easy and fun, after acouple weeks I’m still in love with it, a must buy product

Like King in his Throne

no words just enjoy my Throne

Get this chair!

If you are experiencing back pain when sitting at your desk... get this chair!

I have had fairly significant back problems recently, which I suspect were mainly caused by my previous chair. Since buying this chair and using it daily it has actually helped alleviate the pain in my back.

It provides robust support to your back, and the adjustable lumbar support makes the world of difference.

Super comfortable, looks very stylish and easy to assemble. Very pleased with this product... worth the price tag!

Great chair, awesome quality most comfortable chair ever

More then what I expected. Great chair, so comfortable. Keep up the good work guys. Love it

It's even more impressive in real life

Chair is very solid, and very comfy - it was firm for the first day or two but I've moulded to it perfectly (particularly loving being able to lock it in a recline position when watching movies).

Satisfied with my purchase :)

This chair is very comfortable and perfect for all you gamers out there, I had it for 2 weeks now and I have had no issues.

Best thing I've ever put my behind on

Before purchasing this chair, I was using a single office for almost 10 years and the seat went flat years ago. I wasn't able to sit on the computer for long because I would develop pain. After purchasing the Titan series chair I am able to sit long periods of time on my computer again. The seat was designed for large users in mind and it hasn't disappointed me even with my extra wide build. The built in lumbar support really is useful since I don't have to fidget around a lumbar pillow which I might need to readjust often. Give this chair a try if you're looking for a chair that won't leave you wanting more.

Awesome chair

It is super comfortable as advertised. Delivery is fast but doesn't do Saturday nor Sunday which was a problem for me as the courier cannot deliver the chair without a permission from Secretlab. Took 2 weeks later for the problem to solve but I eventually have time to sign myself. Advice: if you are only free on weekends. Call toll asap because the process takes a really long time.


Secretlab TITAN

Omega 2018 (Classic)

Upon arrival of the Omega; it was just a fun experience with unpacking and putting together the chair from start to finish. The attention to detail and just the way it looks... all I can say I love it. As for using it for the time since I received it; it has been an enjoyable experience for me. Would I purchase again? Heck yeah; thank you SecretLab!

Worth ever penny

I know, you're contemplating dropping a good chunk of change on a chair when you could use it to buy a new monitor or other upgrade, but honestly this is chair is worth every penny. On top of that the customer service is top notch. The backrest of my chair arrived with a blemish. I sent pics to the customer service team and within a day or two, I had new backrest on it's way, just like that. Delivery was fast and assembly was painless.

Stop thinking and just buy the chair already. You're body will thank you.

Happy consumer

Love the chair it was more than what I expected and totally worth the purchase


Love my chair came on time perfect place to get a gameing chairs was super happy with the outcome

Amazing Chair!

I recently bought the Titan version and this chair is amazing! Shipping was quick. The instructions are easy to follow since it's a big poster with lots of pictures. Assembly doesn't take too long and tools are included. The build quality is superb! The only issue I had was that there wasn't an option for a black/white color like the Omega or Throne version, but still satisfied. The armrest are adjustable from raising the height up and down, forward and back, and rotated left to right slightly which I like mostly. Leaning all the way back with the pillow did it for me. It's very comfortable!

In heaven

Brilliant chair!! So comfy and most of all so happy!! Thank you Secret Lab!!!

Omega 2018

so far this chair has been great! very comfortable, the only thing i would change about it is to add another securing strap for the lumbar pillow similar to the one attached to the head pillow.

Omega 2018

Amazing gaming chair. Was my first chair and I will definitely buy another one when the time comes !

Feedback to Secretlab

I've received my Secretlab Titan Gaming chair weeks ago. First, start with the chair, the chair is really built with excellent quality, perfect ergonomics design and materials is the main reason why I'm so in love with this chair, cause I'm about 185cm height and this chair fit me so well. Second, talk about customer service, after I completed my order online, there was an issue about the payment and the transaction of my order, it caused few weeks for me to receive the parcel delivery track number email. I've contacted to Secretlab customer support and they are provided a good service and solved the problem in a professional way. So far I'm still impressed, I hope Secretlab can grow bigger and keep building product with good quality !!!

Incredible chair!

I'm a big guy (1,90 m and 100 kg) and the TItan chair is the comfyest one I've had in a long long time. Damn, I can even sit on it with both my legs up and crossed on the seat, I couldn't do that since I was a child. It's rigid enough to support your weight but at the same time really comfortable. Tons of adjustments for each part. Really easy to assemble

Maybe the only gripe I have with it is that it could have a bigger slope on the front of the seat so it would be a bit more comfortable for the back of your knees, and the right arm wobbles a bit